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Fly Fishing

Indicator Nymphing and Fly Fishing

Fly fishing indicator nymphing

Is this Fly Fishing Anathema? Using a spinning rod to fish a classic Fly Fishing nymph Rig I fished the South Yuba river from a drift boat with a friend last week. We caught some small trout on nymphs using 5 weight fly line, indicators and lead weight. I started calling the indicator a bobber and the ...


Fly Fishing and Water Temperature


How to use Water Temperature to increase your catch. It is important to observe the external factors when fly fishing.  Weather, water clarity and temperature are some of things to watch.   Reading water temperature is important for fishing success especially when there are no active hatches.This article will give you a primer on how to ...


A Quick Start Guide to Fly Fishing

caddis hatch

Fly Fishing for Beginners - Start Here... A “Quick Start” guide when you get to the stream. Fly Fishing beginners worry about a lot of stuff when they get to the stream. What kind of fly do I use and what knot do I tie it with? Where should I start fishing How long and what ...


Bugs On the Stream


Identify the Bugs on the Stream For Success Know the bugs and tie on the best fly Success in Fly fishing has a lot to do with learning how to identify the external factors.  Weather, water flow, clarity and season are all examples of external things that will effect fishing.  Beginning Fly Fisherman have a hard time identifying ...


Bombproof Fly rod – No fault Warranty


I use this Temple Fork Outfitters Rod. Rod tips on fly rods don't seem to like me. I've broken them any way you can with my favorite being the slam in the car door. This company has a no-fault warranty. Perfect. Send the rod and a check for 25- to Dallas and in about 10 days ...


Orvis Sling Pack

Orvis Sling Pack

This is the most comfortable pack that I have tried.  I've tried a lot of packs and vests and this is the only one I have tried that does not get in the way or drive me crazy.  It is easy to sling behind your back when you're not using it.  To access, just sling ...


Good ideas come from bad days

3 sets of leaders wrapped on a cork

I went out to fish the Lower Yuba river yesterday. Nothing went right. I think I had my line in the water for 3 minutes and 12 casts out of the hour that I had. I did get a pretty cool idea out of it.   I was nymph fishing with a dropper and spending more time ...

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